A timeless link...


Imagine a way to:

  • Keep links simple, so you can remember them
  • Create a permanent QR code
  • Keep links from falling apart during a copy-and-paste
  • Eliminate broken links that miss their intended destinations

DTNA.info/ is just that.

If you always start with DTNA.info/, then all you need to remember is the ending.

Keep it simple!

You can type it into a web browser, text it to someone, or tweet it. We can even create a QR code from this short link.

Need help with a link?

In a browser search bar, type in "dtna.info/" plus your destination.

Links are not case sensitive. You can use dtna.INFO/TechComm or DTNA.info/TECHCOMM or DtNa.InFo/techcomm. And also note that you do not need to type the "http://" or "https://".

Want a dtna.info/anything link of your own?

If so, this is what to do:

  1. Choose your new short URL
  2. Identify the destination it will forward to, which is the actual, and usually very long, URL
  3. Send both of them to us via email using the "Get Started" button below

For example, send us an email with the long URL, like so:


And include your choice for a short URL, something like dtna.info/TechComm, that will forward to the actual URL.

This allows you to print or distribute the short link anywhere and never have to change it. If it ever does change, for any reason, we will simply fix the destination link in our forwarding tables.

Send an email to get started or inquire.

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